***Pro-Life Mailing***

lulu.com   California, a Pro-Life Novel with Jesus Loves Unborn Children, a Pro-Life Blog was mailed to top 10 pro-choice organizations in America.  Buy it at the lulu.com online bookstore above.  Here is the letter and a list of the recipients.       Letter   Abbyhillonline P.O.Box 97 Trexlertown, PA 18087   September 30, 2018 … Continue reading ***Pro-Life Mailing***

Living a Disabled Life

My current psychiatrist is severely physically disabled. He is a hunchback I am taking an example from him about how to live the disabled life socially. I am severely physicslly disabled by my sexual injury. It is a psychosexual disability that people pick up on right away. People here are usually pretty nice to me. … Continue reading Living a Disabled Life