***Pro-Life Mailing***

lulu.com   California, a Pro-Life Novel with Jesus Loves Unborn Children, a Pro-Life Blog was mailed to top 10 pro-choice organizations in America.  Buy it at the lulu.com online bookstore above.  Here is the letter and a list of the recipients.       Letter   Abbyhillonline P.O.Box 97 Trexlertown, PA 18087   September 30, 2018 … Continue reading ***Pro-Life Mailing***

Taking Things in Their Right Order

There is the expression, "putting the cart before the horse." But things can be a lot worse than that. In the MH business ("Mental Health"), it matters a lot how the patient is presented. For instance, a patient who presents at the ER as suicidal or homicidal will be committed to the psych ward. But … Continue reading Taking Things in Their Right Order

Word to the wise; MIRACLE; 2. Cheating

second post following 4 months tapering off Clozaril, a psych med; and adding Elavil, a tricyclic anti-depressant. In both high school and college I was unfortunately and somewhat unfairly, mistakenly, and erroneously accused of cheating on a boyfriend. And I didn't realize any part of that until years later; even now. In high school, I … Continue reading Word to the wise; MIRACLE; 2. Cheating

The real truth; word to the wise; 1

Tapering off Clozaril; resuming a tricyclic anti-depressant after 25 years After 4 months, my whole life is falling back into place. A MIRACLE is happening. No, I was not suicidal at Harvard in Fall 1982 when my roommates complained to the senior tutor and he marched me over to community mental health services. When I … Continue reading The real truth; word to the wise; 1