Sometimes things come together

Back in 1995 it was the Talking Heads song "Stop Making Sense."  We were living at a 3 br townhome in Germantown, Maryland, outside of D.C.  At the time i wrote, "i see this place as from the sky, mapped out across the landscape like an integrated circuit.  We were called here..." My life had … Continue reading Sometimes things come together


Resolved and Retroactive;  Miss S. of my last post is  banned, locked out:  where there is weeping and gnashing of teerh.  She didn't know how to conduct herself at Hutton and she didn't know how to conduct herself afterward.  Just another bumbling atheist.  I waa afraid of her.  She was planning to 'write the great … Continue reading Resolved

She knows who she is and what she did

This post is about a self-identified "Stanford faculty brat."  She was so boring and negative i don't even want to write this post.  For her Hutton was an obligation.  What a loss.  I was struggling with the same feelings for heartbreaking reasons.  For me that was a passion and a problem.  For her it was … Continue reading She knows who she is and what she did