***Pro-Life Mailing***

lulu.com   California, a Pro-Life Novel with Jesus Loves Unborn Children, a Pro-Life Blog was mailed to top 10 pro-choice organizations in America.  Buy it at the lulu.com online bookstore above.  Here is the letter and a list of the recipients.       Letter   Abbyhillonline P.O.Box 97 Trexlertown, PA 18087   September 30, 2018 … Continue reading ***Pro-Life Mailing***

A Letter to Planned Parenthood

FYI This letter was written about terrorists in the Middle East back in 2012 but the comparison with Planned Parenthood bears making as they react to the new anti-abortion legislation. The Parts of a Terrorist (2012-09-13 05:42) First, immaturity, then inability to love. From this is quickly played the desire for glory; then, brainwashing. They … Continue reading A Letter to Planned Parenthood

Out of politics, into therapy

My current psychotherapy is a pure win. I came out of my appointment today with a little uncertainty but as the events of the day proved through I am convinced of my therapist's expertise, professionalism, and commitment and caring. I remember how they used say that therapy should be "fun", and how drained I felt, … Continue reading Out of politics, into therapy

I Saw this in Florida

The Pro-Life movement in Florida ground to a halt when a bill in the state house favoring readily available able abortion for teenagers, passed--over objections--with the words: "Its the law." "Well, it shouldnt be," was the right response to these self-righteous murderers. "That's the point." Saying "It' s the law" "begs the question." That's one … Continue reading I Saw this in Florida