I have a new roommate who “hates it here.” She was really getting me down. I realize, because when she left today to go back to the hospital, i got a breath of fresh air.  Ive been waking up feeling so desperate and confused.

She showed up again about an hour ago and a few minutes ago she announced, “This place sucks.” I didnt reply.   She is about the same age as me.  She reports that she is divorced and that she has no children.  She is tall, not heavy, likes leopard spots, velour and faux fur, and she has huge feet–she wears size 10 men’s sneakers, i learned when her friend was helping her unpack.  Since then i have been living in fear of her.  Ha!  Ive just thrown it off.  She was probably scared herself, and im sure i didnt make it any easier for her to break the ice here.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  She says she won’t stay longer than a month.  I gave her some good medical advice. About the medication Haldol.  Its awful stuff. If that was the one thing i did in ny whole life, it would be enough.  I also prayed for her.

I think she is actually a very kind and sensitive female, there’s no way to break it to her what this place is like.  And im not responsible for her.  Live and learn.

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