Superbowl win: personal status

For the Eagles, obviously.  It just had to be.  It coats over the dismal dismay of my illness with morning sunshine, and my favorite breakfast, poached eggs, English muffins and bacon.  I probably should have opted for the hot cereal  but I missed the last poached eggs too.  So I’m feeling just a tiny little bit queasy, but very weak and tired.  My guts are aching from the violent retching, 50 timrs at least, and diarrhea too.  This does not make for pleasant dreaming.


So now it’s about reconnecting from the torture of insight and the ecstasy of victory in the Superbowl combined with victory in Christ.  The Superbowl might have been a victory for me either way but for my personal safety here it’s best the way it went.

Tomorrow will be another day.  As for today there is a mindnumbing victory in the pipeline, carried alone back here that g by the weight of this Superbowl, going back to Hutton days.  But im still working it out.

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