Now my sister is what’s up on the smoking porch.  Through chance associations we fell upon her husband who grew up on a bus in South central Florida with 9 other kids.  I cant say any more without clearly revealing his identity.

You really did it this time sister.

I’m not really sure how that went down w/o the my fellow smokers, i was standing a ways off with my staff person.  I am pretty  sure they heard it.  More importantly it dawned on ME what’s been going on all these years with my sister’s rabid competition which was directly generated by my mother who sat her down with her homework every day and explained that Abby got perfect grades.  Every time.  I observed this going on when i was home on leave from Hutton.  My sister was 8 or 9 years younger, i was 21; so she wasn’t a young child any more.  My mother gave her a complex, from which i have suffered from tbe fallout until this day.  I see it now, the cabin in the woods where they took him AFTER MY SUICIDE ATTEMPT WHEN I HAD BRAIN DAMAGE where she took him for the “sleepover ” she wanted to take him on when he was just a toddler and i wouldn’t let her.  She had to have her way.  So they took him to their unsafe the woods, said his cell wouldn’t work there and took him on an  unsafe hike, proudly taking pictures of a particularly dangerous ledge.  In my mothers family it’s cool to take foolish risks.   I had the good fortune in my life to hook up with my ex husband’s whole family who were sane and sensible people and had no tolerance for that kind of GARBAGE.

Si i have to go because I need to pray, go to breakfast and get on the van for partial program, but ill be checking back with this later.

Checking back after breakfast I am remembering to say that i am praying to St. Michael Archangel over this, not just because if my s sisters evil doing but because of the suicide attempt, which involved a bargain with the devil, it always does and omg, that leads me to know how to pray today:  another suicide attempt:  Satan is on me.

Ttfn, I’ll be prsyin’

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