My roommates sister came with half a dozen shiney clear plastic hangers,  half a dozen shiny clear plastic hangers with metal clips, and a dozen heavy duty wire hangers.   They were pleasantly clanging and clashing together as she fumbled with them getting them into her wardrobe.  I could not judge for sure but she did seem to be aware of a competition.with my poor tawdry 10 white plastic hangers from the supermarket .  I think i really hurt her feelings yesterday and im hurt today.  Tit for tat.  I really don’t know her at all and im not sure it’s a good idea to get inbolved like this.  Where does it go frim here?

…Afyer a few monents pondering I reconcile this conflict that this hasn’t happened here before but now it has, that i feel inferior to another resident, and i an comfortable with it in an that i know that she is a Catholic and i can sense her humility.

I don’t sense any evil from her.

Resolution:  go to Church tomorrow

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