When I was too young i flew too close to the sun, and my wings of wax melted.  I was dancing with my father, not knowing what else to do.  I crashed and burned,   Here i am on the smoking porch of a personal care boarding home 35 years later, awash in the embers of a marriage rooted in tragedy.  I have lost 2 children. That’s really all I know.   I pass my moments in ignorance, chasing after losses to bad reflexes.  I live moment to noment, day to day, a warning to others .  God please call me in.  I dont want to be stupid any more.  I dont want to live out in the cold  any more.  Please call your child hone.  I’m sorry for what I did.  I’m not shaking my fist any more.   I give you my humility and patience and gentleness and kindness and patience and love, a life made in Christ,  please forgive me for what I’ve done.

Oh thank you God, i love you, i see,that Satan had me.  You are here, and that is well.

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