New innocence

Finally I found myself in tears and held by Jesus.  Other things went wrong besides the ones I mentioned in my last post “Ectopic Pregnancy,” and i realized that i have changed since yesterday as described in ny post “Freedom,” about a release from the sex with my husband which had continued in my mind.  Things  are hitting me differently.  The ectopic pregnancy interpretation gives way to one more palpable, a grip on the period of my marriage through a breakthrough in the formerly famous Patsy S. Problem on which i was racking my brains at the time I met my husband.  That’s a story i told so often in my earlier blogging years that i don’t want to go into it again.  Suffuce it to say that there is leverage in it sufficient to collapse the entire huge conflict of my marriage, and all the lingering issues with my birth family that were involved. It’s a victory in my present situation in which my parents have come to predominate and i had lost track of myself.

Thank you Jesus for bringing me back on course, theres too much to say.  Like the song says all I have is Gratitude:  “Holy” by Nicole Nordman

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