I’m back

There’s been a lot of  hoopla since last night about my involvement with my undergraduate literary magazine, i finally accepted that i had to do it because I was ‘tapped’ and it was an honorable thing to do.  (I served as ‘Presudent’ for a year when the magazine was failing, because there was no one else to do it)  i e-mailed my ex about it, texted my son at length, and finally wound up posting at the alumnii website about it, which was exciting.  My writing wasn’t good enough,  but i hope that i can rely on the benefit of the doubt with my fellow alumnii.

My post ended on this note: the only shame of my involvement with that college magazine was that it ruined me as a writer.  And i couldn’t connect them with my blog because I would lose my anonymity.

So I spent time away from here which is GOOD .  I was getting bogged down.

Tine for dinner, ttfn

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