Doctors appointment

Im thrilled! I asked to see a doctor about my eye (and related female) spasms after posting like crazy about eye injuries and harm in my family, this weekend,and i asked again Monday morning.  I had the worst morning ever this morning after wrestling with my pillow for hours last night, i just could get settled, i went to sleep STUCK:  everything went out if my control.  I woke up to bad treatment in the meds line and the EIRST nevk snd back pain.  I got through the day job until about a quarter to two when the appointnentsvpersin pulled aside telling me i have an appointment this afternoon.  I was hanging around there getting ready to tell my case manager my tale of woe, that i wish i could be on the brain trauma hall.  Well!  It’s official!  I get to tell the doctor!

I prayed the rosary.  We’ll just have to see what cones out of it.

Well I saw the sasne nurse practitioner who gave me an attitude kast week, i might have guessed.  In the clouds on the way home by saw God’s naughtiness and consolation, and got more of this when i talked to my caseworker.  We agreed that although she hurt my feelings she did get the ball rolling:  move up the psych appt to get a grip on the OCD; see an obgyn MD, not a PA or nurse practitioner which is what had been scheduled,  continue the Robaxin STAT 3 tines a day for spasms, and do bloodwork for chemicals associated with spasms including calcium, thyroid and something else.

So I’m satisfied.   Even though I forgot my wallet.  I didnt need my id or my insurance card and they will bill me for the 10 dollar copay.


I’m on the road to recovery.

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