Roommate Woes–updated

I tried to get the day alone because partial hospital program was so hard yesterday and my neck and back and who knows what else were spasming last night and I woke up with bad pain.  Well at least they are going to get me to the doctor as of this morning’s report.  So i stayed home from partial. But, what a dumbass i am, i told my roommate i was going to and it appears that now she is staying home from HER program.  Yesterday–did i post about this ?– she was on the phone literally ALL DAY to her medical insurance asking the same frigging question, by the end of the day it drove me insane and I slammed the door on her.  She’s  slready been at it again this morning.  I understand that she has a serious issue but she is engaging in what my ex husbsnd used to call “moron behavioir” and it’s infuriating.   I practically know her soc sec and claim number by heart.

The cell phone posting is still getting to me.  Maybe i should check out posting on  my faulty computer instead.  I just have to make sure its fully charged, as the mouse pad doesn’t work when it’s plugged in, and the machine only gives you about three minutes notice before it suddenly shuts down.

Thank God my roommate has disappeared.  I pray she went to her program.  The hall is completely empty of residents,  nothing but the reassuring sounds of maintenance staff.

Allelujah.  Amen.

Well she didn’t go, she came back to the room.   But she started making productive calls, and just now she asked if I minded.  Which I appreciated.  I prayed for her, the Memorare to St. Joseph, for bounty with her financial woes and to bring her back into the light.  And i put in a good wiword for  myself for the exact same situation! I thought to forgive,  and not only that, the Lird showed me the grace in her being here this morning,  she is really a Godsend, she affords a buffer again the cruelty i am facing here. Amen

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