Wow im writing.  And some of my writing is about my experiences with Black men and Black women and i have to get it out just like i have to get other stuff out.  I have had some very bad experiences with Black men and women in my British racial blindness, and i need to sort it out like the other stuff that troubles me.  I keep privatizing my posts for fear that i offend but this is sn important part of my life and i shouldn’t have to handle it alone, letting it fester in the English American no mans land.

So i am going to leave those last two posts, on “Mending Fences,” public, and see if my blog gets boycotted or if i may blog on.  I do have the right to speak.  I have civil rights also and i have the right to be protected from this harrassment, i have done nothing to anyone here to warrant it.  If i need an education as to race i am open to it but as far as i can see theyre just using me to jerk off on their pain.  I dont agree with it.

In the mean time im critical today on a sexual abuse issue with my father and that is what i need to be thinking about.  Both things at the same time.

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