Well i have been deceived!  The staff here has been pulling the wool over my eyes.  None of the recommendations of the PCP i saw last week were followed up on.

It is ESSENTIAL to establish the PHYSICAL BASIS of my disability, i was determined to be PERMAMENTLY AND COMPLETELY DISABLED as of Februsry 1986 when i took the overdose when i was 24.  After that, an anti seizure medication miraculously brought me back to life. And i have always required one after that, and am taking one now.

When i woje up kicki g and s reMing 4 months kater, after getting out of rhe hospital and tapering off of the medication, i was shoved aside while everyone attended to my mother who had been horribly beaten.  Tbe assumed well who knows what they addumed and who cares, i had been sexually maimed and almost died from tbe pain.  My father USED all this to sweepvthe secual abusr under tbe rug.  In tbe process he swept ME under the rug.  Couldnt care less.  Worked like a charm.

So here i am 32 YEARS later, waking up from YEARS, DECADES of abuse and neglect and theyre trying to stand on their rights.

Well im standing on mine.

My mother called my case manager at the program i went to after the beating oncideny to get my number when i had delibtately refrained from giving it to her, and the caseworker gave it to her without my consent.  Her contact with me from that point on was a violation of my privacy, a violation which became routine.  Now i am CAREFUL to prevent and retroactively repair breaches like this and finally i am starting to sort out my life.  My mother has SERIOUS issues with disrespecting boundaries and this has characterized the biggest part of my character illness.

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