Its odd how stress and trials produce holiness.  Ive been sailing along with all this negativity in my last 6 or 7 or 8 posts, all the while getting all the help on the world from the Lord; and im not writing down any of the good stuff.  I guess it feels to frsgile.  So i was preoccupied asnd missed a smoke break and fell into a panic and got trapped overhearing my young neighbor across the hall talking to superior staff about something unpleasant, and right away i wss all “why, why?” And plummeting inti doubt in my mood and my thoughts.  Then He led me to the Bible and i have done the homework i was assigned by my therapist (“Deborah”):  she stressed that i would find the basis for a sound mind in the Bible, but not just throwing myself at it, which i did at first.  I remembered that she had recommended the Psalms and then i was daunted because i only know Psalm 23 and one other, the famous one about cleansing from sin and i couldn’t remember the number for it.  So i consulted the introduction in my Bible and it pointed me to two beaitiful psalms about thr Glory of Gods creation, Psalm 19 and Psalm 104, and as i read them i was elated.

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