I confessed to my caseworker that i am happy here and guess what?  She is applying for funding for me to stay.  I thought i was out of here at the end of March, because my mother cant afford the rent.  But there are government subsidies for personal care boarding homes, and they want to kerp me!

Too many good things happened today fot me to recount, including same day results from my breast screenibg– everything is fine.  There was a glitch on the way in from 600 smoke break but, after an anxious shower i put it down to reorienting back to going to partial for the rest of the week.  I missed both yesterday (Monday) abd today.

God is holding me back so i dont get too proud.  Fabulous rhings have happened today.  If rmyhe deacon from the Catholic church down rhe street returns my phone call tomorrow about baptism, my joy will be complete.

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