A Day of Hope, a Day of Disaster

My happy day on Tuesday was followed by waking up to total confusion on Wednesday morning.  Thats how i know they were already going to do it.

I got fired from partial program, when i got back here they had emailed my caseworker saying it was for lack of attendance– that was to make sure i didnt come back.  Whether to continue or not was on the agenda for my meeting with Deborah (the therapist,  who i dont feel so good about, because shes a party to all this.)  So when i complained about Bruce (sure I’ll expose his name, hes been exposing me) that was oil for the gears if THEIR machine:  “How dare you!  You don’t quit, youre fired!”  The woman is a real ahole, when i brought up my faith in  answering one of the “check in questions” — “who can help you with your goall today?”– i said, “God”–she laughed scoffingly.  “God,” she repeated mockingly.  It was borderline illegal.  I was having a rough time, and OBVIOUSLY, God was about all i had.

So i met with her and Deborah after my session with Deborah and the made it clear that they dont take it seriously about the trouble i have had with Bruce and that im no longer welcone in the program.

So i got back here and she had already emailed my caseworker when i went to see her, that i was dismissed for kack if attendance.   Moreover i DONT still have medicaid so i CANT see a dentist, and im NOT eligible for a personal care boarding home subsidy, so i cant stay here.  Unless i requalify for medicaid. Which is completely up in the air.  That was my joy on Tuesday, that all these good things had come to me through praying the Memorare to St. Joseph.

THIS JUST IN:  The deacon just called me from tbe Catholic Church just down the street and i have scheduled to meet with him next week about Baptism.  HOORAY, HALLELUJAH and AMEN!  Thank GOD i didnt go to the hospital last night and miss this.  The upshot yesterday  was that i got taken to the hospital after complaining that i didnt feel safe here.  The doctor released me to come back; after the long drive and a chat with the driver i felt better.

God wins.  Of course.

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