Finding my Feet with God

A disaster on the smoking porch just now reminded me to find my feet with God before proceeding with this day, this week, this life.  He was absent from my thoughts when my son was born and that was a big part of the problem that i had. Even though i named him self concmsciously for the first chapter of the gospel of St John.  I did know otherwise how to express my love for Him at that time.

Miss V reached over to touch me and i practically screamed.  “Im sick. Im contagious.” It ruined smoke break break for everybody.  So i had to leave.  And i remembered to pray.  My mother is coming today to help me with some touchy matters.  And i should orobably pray the Rosary.   And i should probably get back with the deacon at the catholic church about Baptism.  He likely wont want to do it since ill be leave here at the end of the month.  And ill have to go through a meeting about discharge.  None if this is any fun.  I will need my strength.

Lord stay with me.

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