Ophidian encounter in the ER

Well yesterday this desperate and disastrous week and a half closed out with an encounter in the ER with a nurse going by my sister’s name— on her birthday– who slid into ny room in the mist ophidian way with easy words telling me that she had seen my call light on (i must have pressed the call button 25 times) and was taking over from the other nurses.  “Ophidian” means of or pertaining to the snake.  I had to look it up.  It took a split second to see the week shape up as a dirty dance with Satan and i shed all ny fear and misgivings if the whole week just as quickly.  “Oh snap.”

And ive been muddling through today and picking up the beat of life again, which i had been losing.

And tonight st dinner i caught sight if Mr. B. ahead if me in line still playing his steady drumbeat, “im B., notice me,” snd i silently undercut him.  Im sorry, sweetheart, now i cant stand you.

Theres a discharge meeting tomorrow.  Im going hime to “the cottage” at my mother’s house, not a desirable destination for me and its because of Bruce.

This is so raw.

Oh i forgot to mention the nurse had jet black hair.

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