Knocked Back to Last Year

The meeting went okay but they screwed me in the aftermath, i cant believe that they actually had my trust for about half an hour.   Worthless piece o’ shit.  Thats how i feel about your precious lovely marriage.  Narcissistic BARGE.

So im scrambling for a place in time and finding one in last year where i left off on a bad meeting with my son that never got straightened out but i wasnt sure why it was that bad.  But a respected his wishes thst he didnt want to talk…welllll, maybe i didnt, maybe thats what i need to look at.  He finally said  yes, go ahead mom you can text and call all you want.  But i think i broke a boundary or two in frustration, not good.  I text him A LOT.

Today i will pray the Sorrowful Mysteries and i will make it about this.  Thank you God for the most Holy Rosary of the Holy Virgin Mary.

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