Bad trip, updated

Staff has put the kibosh on my spring flight/spiral out of lifelong Satans clutches.  According to them this us “believing in Santa Claus”  “Shes in love’ sonebidy saud, and they asked the person with the radio to change the music and rhey put on sonething liver curdling.  This is a white anglo Saxon person who has suffered with a nean mother alll her life long finally throwing off the tyrrany and theyre too fucking jealous to let me have what i desperately NEED to STAY ALIVE.  Take your reverse racism and can it and try to market it and see where you get, youll have to pay people to cart it away its so evil.  You have a captive audience in me, but not for nuch longer .

Like they said in Florida, “jack yourself, bitch.”


I woke up this morning after waiting long in a painful limbo,  to quickly realize i was protected by the interference of staff last night, whatever their intent.  Alleluja, Amen.

The war is already on this a.m.  One of the less fortunate women, who lies down all over the place and throws up a lot and hacks and spits everywhere and pulls butts from thevash can, treated herself to some name calling thinking that i was still rebounding: “sloppy dirty bitch” she said as i went by.   Ive been very ill.  I realized ive been neglecting to shower and even to brush my hair and brush my teeth.  Hey thanks for the cue Miss D.  Have a nice day.

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