Strange Day

Grieving .  Its here at last .  Ive wrapped up my born child’s life in a tidy ball and gone back in time and space to the two abortions, finally understanding rhat they passed through the Lord’s hands.  Moreover, that they passed through Satans.  At last i had the sense to invoke St. Michael Archangel in prayer against the wickedness and snares if the devil in rhis matter.  The Evil One was all over me at that time, and all over my husband, he had even been a member of a Satan following motorcycle gang.

In my mind i am begging my ex husband to join me in prayer to finally throw off this evil that has bound us throughout our time together .  The two little ones are gone.  Nothing can bring them back.   But the destruction and havic that has been wrought we can finally say goodbye to, my ex was in a desperate place when he deliberately, i believe, got me pregnant the first time to assure that i woukd marry him.  He didnt understand how sick i was.   He didn’t know i would have married him in a second.  It was all confused through MY FRIGGIN MOTHER’s foul play, another place to ask for St Michael’s intercession, oh God i have this at last.  My born son’s life hangs in the balance,  he is poised so very precariously, oh God, Bill, hold on tight. Wherever you are right now maje it good, make it right, do it for your kid, do it for your wife, our hearts still beat in time with yours, pray with all your heart and all your soul fir everything to work out right, let go of all the b.s. and do whats right.  Do it for Love.  Its not all about SEX its about Truth and Light.  Come out of the Darkness.

Praying to St. Michael Archangel against Satan all up and down my life from the very beginning,  Joy, Joy, Joy!

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