Freak Out

I am being kicked out if this place on the sourest of terms, and my blogging here is the biggest part of it.  I consider this blog entirely safe and would not be doing it if it compromised anybody here, i have cone here to vent and keep my tboughts straight.  My care coordinator got the nane of rhe blog out if me and spoiled my fun, she freaked out over the fact that i might be getting my back on some one through it.  Totally IGNORANT.   Ive been blogging  for 8 years and i know whats safe.  Shes a naif and shes getting me in trouble over nothing.  I cant believe this.  Im out on my ass in the 31st.  My mother cant afford ti pay any more, but i would be subsidized under medical assistance assuming my application is approved but they dont want to do that for me because if the blog.

Well i stand by my blog.  It is safe and healing and doesnt hurt anybody.

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