Seems everything’s sbout waiting.  Right now  im waiting for a ride to the doctor who is supposed to clear me of c diff, the gastro intestinal infection that has kept me locked up fir 3 weeks.  Not literally, but ive been confined from all activities except smoke breaks and meals.  Its been a lonely time.  Its given me the opportunity to wrap things up here and to confront a lot of issues in my life–thinking myself out of the box ive been in.  I have to question the latter:  is this more endless therapy?  Is it real? Is it true? Does it help me?  Does it get me anywhere?  I left off on a bad note with my therapist and now i havent seen her in a month.  So once again im left to make up the rules.  What a disappointment.  Will she decline to continue seeing me?

My ride is here.

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