Trial Home Visit: At Home

Well i havent made my home here since the late 80’s so its funny to call it home.  I identified that i have a purpose here, which is to regain control of my sons life:  they took control when they got the ridiculous restraining order in 2000.  It permitted me to live at home with my exhusband and son but barred me from taking him to a domestic violence shelter again and restrained against violence.  I am able to see now the palpable effect they had.  At rhe time i thouvht it was meaningless folly, now i see that it was worse than thst.  They had “supervisory custody” But they were never around to exercise it ss far as i could see at the time.  Now i see that they did use the restrainibg order to influence my son.  Way to gi g’rents:  you created a heroine addict.

My son needs to let go of them. The time he has spent here since 2012 was one long ridiculous scene.  She kicked him in the shins and hurled insults and abuse at the top of her lungs, and reduced him to tears on a regular basis.  She always told him he could come to her when he was 18.  And then he did.

All of us are ar fault.  My failure was of forguveness.  Si now i forgive.  Tine to move on.  But shes slreafy making noises that i cant stay here, my brother might want to be here, “what about the senior living progra ms they talked about”  im only on a trial visit and shes already moving me on.  Its so hurtful.  She urged ne to think about coming here, and now shes reneging.  No matter what i do i dont get a fair shake from my family but theyre facing a fight this time.  There are debts to be settled.  And theres not much time.  Im not going to roll over and play dead any more.

So MOM hiw are you going to get out of this obe?

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