Last Day, 3

Struggling with the question, should i give out ny number?  My son in my mind says No and i just asked God to tell me one way or the other and he said No.  Women arent asking.  2 staffers, (women) asked, one if them isnt permitted, the other i will certainly call.  Of tbe residents i sense that two of the men are wanting to keep in touch, both of them are cute, eligible, and my age.  I am torn between thinking i need a relationship like i need a hole in the head and how am I ever going to meet a anybody; but i see my EX in my mind asking me not to.

God says No, i guess i have to leave it at that.  I just dont want to hurt anybodys feelings or maje anybody mad.  I dont kniw hiw to wind down the flirtation, maybe u shouldnt have done that.  Oops.  I am loiking at my relationships wjrh other women and how i need to imprive in that area.  I have filled the gap with flirtations with men.  I didnt know i was doing wrong.  Im a stripe off my mothers back.  This is awful.  What do i do?

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