My Last Day

Tomorrow and afterwards, i will be posting from  my Mom and Dads home a half hour from here.  I fear that i will become BORING.  The high points of my day will be to interact with my sons cats.  I most likely wont even be able to go to Clubhouse, the program for MH clients to socialize and utiluze work skills, sometimes to prepare for employment.  I was looking forward to that.  Im just outside the county line and its unlikely ill be accepted, the therapist is making the referral anyway but the program is strict about the in-county rule.

The house is some 250 years old, with a spring room– the spring that supplies water to the home runs into a room in the house.  The main part of the house is connected by a nider atrium to an even older two room (one up, one down) “cottage” with a concrete floor and a walkin fireplace.  Thats where ill be staying.  The place is out in tbe country, about 15 minutes from town.

I’ll have physical therapy appointments for my sad female areas, i finally feel up to it.  And psychotherapy and psychiatrist appointnents once a week which will bring me back this way.

Its a shot in the dark.

Readers, pray for me!

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