Leaving this place in an hour.  As i say my goodbyes, make paths straight in the Lord and finish packing, it just dawned on me that my son has come to faith.  He is living in a setting like this wbere it is natural to speak of God, and be did so to me in the last week.  I didnt even notice it happening.   This is past wonderful.  My  prayers have been answered.  Thank you blessed St. Gabriel Archangel, and St. Joseph, Saint of bounty.  Moreover my father is submitting to THE LORD in the form of common sense, in the past few days i have seen this, i am able to allow him into my thoughts with benefit instead if harm.  I prayed the Lord to guide him and he has.  My mother supports my fairh i pray she believes in miracles.  She folliws my father.  Moreover my EX husband cannot possibly deny Jesus in the miracle of faith and healing that is going on in  my life that touches his at a million points.

Chanting yhe Hosannah from Jesus Christ Superstar, and “prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” from Godspell.”  Ill be doing this all day .


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