Eye Surgery

All bets are off until noon.  My mother is having cataract surgery.  Its very difficult.  My moving in here fell in the midst if both parents having surgery on both eyes.  It seems im always an inconvenience to my mother and father.  Trying to resolve this.  My father bought me a new laptop yesterday, and one for himself also.  I am very pleased with mine, and was pleased to be able to help him with his setup.  This is a beautiful gift, i am so happy.  My old computer was stolen from the hospital ward 6 months ago and i have been using a worn out one with issues.  Mostly i have been using this cell phone.  Its a love affair that will end now that i have a real computer.

So now i am in the house alone and trying to figure the ropes.  I had a somewhat tense interaction with my mother while she was preparing to go, im not sure what the LORD intended.

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