As i suspected it would, life here is turning out to be boring.  Wonderful things are happening spiritually:  i am forgiving my parents for everything and i believe my farher is about to turn tbe corner of faith.  But from the day to day hum drum i have lost the excitement if the constant peril of the personal care home with nothing to replace it.  My whole body is still aching from constant exposure to said peril for 4 1/2 months and the progress here does not include balm for my gaping wounds.  Its charming here and lovely but it doesn’t suffice.

Several hours later

I spoke too soon.  I stumbled on a memory of being punished by them when i was young, very disturbing and alarming, they are trying to step around it but it is in the air between us and i have had to take my mother for the catarct surgery follow up.

I am sitting here in the waiting room.   I have called my contact at the home i just left and emailed my old psychotherapist in Florida.  Meanwhile my relationship with my son is blowing up on me for reasons i cant explain, its for the good, he was compromised by my relationship with Dr. B. in Florida, the psychotherapist, omg thIs whole tedious knot is coming unraveled  its all for tbe good



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