God Help Me

Wow.  God is so good.

Two huge trajectories in my life are coming into play, one seemed to leave me nowhere without a son or a family, Poof, tbe other caught us and held ys safe.  One was the Patsy S. Problem, which i have written about before:  finally it is all pmayed our, leaving me niwhere.  The other is the gestalt of rhe cell phone:  to hold it in my hand us to see the culmination of my fathers life work and the purpose of all the suffering.  The Patsy S problem represents the abirtions, my fathers diwnfall:  he forced a young wonan, my sons Catholic, Sicillian girlfriend, to have an abortion.  Dhe turned to me.  They didnt know this.  After that people who had had abortions crossed ny path.  Patsy S was one of them.  With fascination, she told me about a story in the news about a woman who abducted a pregnant woman from the hispital, killed her, and then performed a “crude caesarian” on her with a key and stole the baby.

This is too bad to tell.  I dont kniw what to do.  I have been carrying this with me for 30 years.  Only now do i see it.  She harmed me.  It has stayed with me all thus time.  I didnt have a friend there to tell tbis to.  This is SHAMEFUL  i got in trouble there, it shoukd have been her.  I left there and abortion was on my tail, i met a man and had two horrible abortions..  they USED me to help her, nobody cared about me.  Gid help me

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