My mother chased my father round the dining room table with a knife after they got married.  She told me so.  So its not hard to guess wht he never disciplined het.  But come on.  Bestiality is nit pretty.  My father has written a book for friends and family.  I caught sight of the picture in it of my mother with the raccoon and i wont be going near it.  I have HORRIBLE issues with my mother over her wild animals.  Children brought rescued baby aninsla to her, ultimately they ended up in a shoe box at the foot of my bed and died in the night.  St i had to face what she was getting credit for protecting the other chikdren from, the poor little animsls dying.  The friggin raccoon sucked on its penis and nibbled scabs from her kegs.  He charged the door if my bedroon in the morning.  I was ostracized for disliking this part if my family ‘s life, even the two ministets at the church she associated with encouraged her and were critical of me that i had a negative attitude about this.  I was attending Hutton for Christ’s sake.  More in this later, its coming up now as old issues surface in the course of day to day frictions when things can no longer be swept under the rug .

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