Lost Purse

I put my purse on the top if the car at the Wellness clinic 35 minutes away, yesterday, and forgot it and drove away!  I didnt discover rhe loss until i got home.  It was terribke, i was scheduled to see ny son for the first time in about 5 months , a sensitive meeting.  I was panicked!  And he brought a girl!  There was a sensitive list of personal complaints rhat i had just presented to the doctor and i was SCARED.  I had just opened up my whole soul for the first time in my life.

Well right away i said to myself, “God did this.” I suffered rhrough the day and got to sone really heavy healing.   I forgave my son fur an incincident of physical harm that i had not known how to let go of, and i repented of throwing coffee at him in the aftermath.  I had not been able to let go of that either, fir a dufferent reason:  i got taseref by the police for it, and ive been physically propelled by it ever since.   Believe me, you dont want to get tasered.

Well the pokuce officer who found my purse (he said he was right behind me while i was driving away from the clinic with the purse on top of my car) had to have seen tbe list but he gave me the kindest smile.  I felt forgiven.  Im due back at the clinic on Thursday for a therapy session and now im ready to forget the awful moments of talking with the doctor AND the therapist about everything on that shaneful list and go back in rhere as a human of being.  I had gotten scared for a moment on tbe way back here.

So i am at a powerful place of healing, too much to express it a ll.  I think that the Lord is rewarding me for cutting down my smoking, He showed me that Satan was overrunning me as my smokong was increasing so i cut it bsck.  Its HARD but im getting the hang of it.

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