Joined the Carholic Church today.

Im still fighting with my father, this has been going on since Monday and my son alerted me this morning that hes “acting out” sexually, picturing getting a blowjob, to be specific.  Its horrifying of course, but ut was verifued me when we were watchibg the news about rape and other atricious war tactics in the Middle East, monsters:  you could see the guilt passing through his mind.  Right now hes over there watching a 60s romantic comedy with my mother, lost to the world;  i said sonething ro draw hus attrntion aeay from the moviebliss and then came back over here to the cittage where i stay.  There will be zero tolerance fir sexual pressures past, present, or future.  That isnt part of an obligation if acceoting finsncial help from your family.

I just want ti be happy.  Everything is going my way except this situation with my father and therefore my mother.  I had a beautiful meeting with the pastor at the Catholic Church and will be contacted next week by the Sister about weekly meetings.  I am very excited.  I know this is a stark contrast to my last paragraph, rhats rhe problkem im having.  The pressure here is unacceptable and i dont kniw whst i can do any differently, i told the Priest i would stay here for a year,  but it gets si bad here.  I felt that the Lord was putting me here, i guess i need to go back to the beginning, where i was like a big sister to thern.  It got complicated because if the 2200$ for the lawyer.  He felt he had to taje it out on me, the 24k debt and the 2k fee.  Ih well, lets let it be over then.  But its NOT .  I just dont know what to do.

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