Reading C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity.”  It is an absolutely fabulous book.   In it i find ALL my father’s faith and life issues laid out (he has agreed to read it when im done) and my faith life is laid out on the table like  a dissected frog.  I just read the chapter on Pride as the deadliest sin and boy am i blown away.


Lewis is writing in postwar England (WWII) which is wbere i was coming from most of my life.  It is freedom to read this book, its like the song “killing me softly with his song” which i heard the day i got my first kiss from a graduating Guatemalan gentleman at my boatdibg school in Connecticut, freshman year, 1979.  I didnt know what it meant.  The following year he returned on Alumni Day and i left the dance where i was waiting for my boyfriend to return from the Cross Country meet, to go with him, the Guatemalan.  Nobody wanted to date me after that.7

I was dufferent.  I was Britush and foreign like him.  That turned into a very painful e perience if pride which NOBODY understood and in fact i was ridiculed for my straight A’s down in the boys campus.  Then i got into Hutton, and that would have helped me to find my place but my Dad ruined it by upsetting my MOTHER’s pride wben he lost it and tried to touch me, here i am almost 40 years later trying to figure out the paradigm .  I want to make it a novel.

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