Hutton Reunion

On a brighter note it looks like i will be able to go to the 35th reunion this year.  I havent made it to a single high school or college reunion all my life.  I was a regular writer in to the Hutton red book which comes out every 5 years at reunion time for each class.  I havent even visited Boston but once after leaving there in flames in 1986.  Thats a metaphor.

Wow.  It must really be true that i was a Hutton student once.  I have no obligations that prevent me from going and if i don’t go this year i never will.  Last chance to make good on a lifetime.

Miraculously i have a windfall savings account that permits me to go despite my father’s refusal.  Nuf said.

So the dont know im going yet.  (My parents.) Makes it just a little tense for me.  Ill probably spring it to them on Monday when i have to pay for the reunion event tickets.

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