Fighting a deathly battle

It sickens me to report that my father is getting to me.

McDonald’s breakfast, they “forgot” the hash browns.  They were trying to stage it, but i cut it short by going over to their side of the house before my mother got in from the barn where they park their Subaru SUV.   I figured they would eat there and make me wait, i wasnt thinking about the hash browns, and i showed my dismay.  “Shes stung” i heard my father saying in his mind, well no Dad thats not how i would put it, for your info, and then i had to do the usual dance of avoiding his introject, which is insanely and obnoxiously powerful over me at this age, im a 56 year old woman for Christs sake.  The breakfast sandwich  went down like sawdust, so no dad it was hard to appreciate what i did get.

All of this was over this “game” he invented, at least i assume it was him.  I woke up in the middle of the night after horrible bout with  constipation that was healing and exhausting, and i was geateful for God’s intervention, thats all i will say. And in the middle of the night my father was present to me with this game which, cutting to the chase there was no way to win and it makes a fool of anybody who tries, and the point is that it shows the unbelievable and incalulable intelligence if the person  who invented it and is explasining to you this game in other words, my father, except i aced it, and i don’t even remember because i couldn’t care less  games are supposed ti be fun dad.  Whatever your problem is, take it to the appropriate authorities.

End of story.

So today is waste of a day after what had promised to be a beautiful story of reunioning and an unbelievable moment if coming to true faith omg i GET IT!  Thats what this is about.  Satan tempted me and now my Dad is too, i have been letting the moment slip by me.  The night before last i had a classic  moment of finding Jesus when i was at the end if my rope.  After all these years that ive been trying to believe.

More on rhis .  Dear reader, Ill keep you posted.

Im coming back here to edit and i see that Jesus had me through all this.

The battle was alread won

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!



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