Ive been away

Life has been too exciting! And too precious.

I saw my son last Sunday (its the following Saturday today.)  My parents didnt succeed in dissuading me from giving him a ride back to his residence down near Philadelphia, an hour and fifteen miunte highway drive.  It was a pleasure.  I realized how much i  had given away  by aquiescing to what was “easiest” (my mother was always standing by to take my place.)  Sometimes i really was sick , but it became a habit to let things slide by.

I came back to the concepts of “sleeping dogs” and “fantastically multiplied irony”–that i used to talk about way back when, and it was a question of watching the barking dogs wake up and pushing back the envelope on how long it into the indefinite future it would be until that impossible, fantasy time wben those intentions would ever be met and i suddeny realized, its here.  Its now.  Im there.

Its unbelievable.

I feel like a fictional character but im not.  Im real.  I used to talk about feeling like a bit part in someone elses novel but i took it back and now its my own, or, if its someone else’s, i play a prominent role.

God is GOOD.

I used to have the fear when i was driving on the highway that the road might dead end around the curve.  For real.  Suddenly my life is moving forward seamlessly and visibly ac ording to Gods will after decades of destruction.

Gotta go.  The page is turning .  My parents are returning from Paneras with a beef panini for me momentarily and i cant be caught blogging.

A few minutes and half a panini later:  going to post this.  Moments  come and go; God is near.





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