Stuck in line at the opthalmologist

Its been an hour and 50 minutes.

Im here for a diabetes eye check.  Im realizing how badly my life is mortgaged to my health conditions.  The diabetes is mild and i dont pay much attention to it.  I just take the Metformin and try not to overdo the sweets and replace starch with protein.  Its heartbreaking.  In later life, when im finally over thr bulemia and nTurally losing weight and  and can eat those foods i deprived and starved myself of all those years  now THIS, no sweet drinks, donuts and i live for starch both sweet and high fat + salt and im not reslly supposed to have it, at least not much.

And then theres the COPD.  Well there’s some good news there e of course, im hardly smoking at all and ITS NEVER TOO LATE.  I always said if i could be smoke free fir just one day  before i died i would praise God for it and i was right,  its like entering a brand new world .  Every new day is a miracle.

So i cant complain.  Things are falli g into place .

The hypothyroid and the high blood pressure make me mad because i got them from taking lithium for the fourth time AGAINST MY WILL when i already knew it didnt work for me and it was an exercise of my fathers Narcissism to get the doctor to force me to take it.

Well im back home now.  The doctor FINALLY csme in.   She did take rhe time to exlain tbe diabetes eye check.  The diabetes can cause bleeding in the eyes.  I dont have any of that–yet.  But i DO have warning signs of early glaucoma

I have to get tested  begore i return in a year for the yearly diabetes check.  So after being a cash cow for tbe psych industry all my life now pathetically i need services ftom physicsl medicine providers till the end of my days. However long or short they may be.


Im glad for every breath that i take and every day that i am alive.



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