A double post moment

This evening calls for two posts.  Oh what a great comeback from desperate directions.  Over the last week i came to experience  the meaning of the expression, “up a shit creek without a paddle.”  I wondered, whats a person’s rescue from that situation?  Well, here is one; evidently a person has the necessary parts built into the situation.  Boy i had a couple of scary nights.

There was an epidemic of flies that were coming in from outdoors when i left the doors open so the cats could go out.  I woke up early to feed them a couple of mornings ago and there was a terrifying, loud buzzing throughout the downstairs of this “cottage” part of the house that i stay in.  Ive been slowly eliminating them and worrying about the cats taking in the poison.  They seem to be okay now.  They were a little sick the first day and then i got a better, cat-friendly spray.

Now i am trying to be better to them because i realized how badly my OCD has been stressing them as i go hrough all these moments that i present here;  they were actually “shouting” at me when i was laying in the other morning.  I wasnt sure what they wanted but their loud, deliberate meows sounded like shouts trying to get attention.  I figured afterwards it was probably the flies that were getting to them so that has been addressed; there has certainly been a lot of stress and tension.  They trounce on me also, if i lay in in the morning, stamping hard on me to rregister their frustration.  I have been spending a lot of time on the computer working on my book and they dont understand.  And i pray rhe rosary and they dont understand.

I just have to pray to Saint Francis to know how to take care of them.  I love them but i dont know how to address their need, they were left alone in here for a year before i came here and after 3 months the initial eccitement has worn off and they have to adjust to my personality which is so different from my mothers or my sons.  And i do want to avoid going overboard over them rhe way i have done about pets in the past.

Well as i write i sense that they (Travis and Tanner) appreciate rhe attention and that my parents are grounded by it too.  A little bit of the basics.  We’re all mentally interconnected here Well my father said i always get tired of a situation after 3 months and actually, if she hadnt triggered a blow up that led me to tell her i was looking for another place to live we would have slipped into month 4 without a hitch.  My housing search is fir 1 to 2 YEARS from now.  Tberes a fight going on about something else that i must have blogged about 6 or 8 weeks ago, maybe longer, which is too sickening to talk about, so i talked about the cats instead.


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