Deep Rest

I have been sleeping  ALL THE TIME since church last Sunday (today is Thursday.).  Yesterday i made it to RCIA and then i went out to the supermarket in the evening just for the sake of getting out and staying up.  So this morning i was so tired out from that that i turned over and went back to sleep and didnt wake up until 1130–i was supposed to be at my psychotherapy appointment.   So i made a 525 dollar phone call–referring a creditor to my bankruptcy proceeding–and had nothing i could do but go back ti bed.

My mother isnt hassling me–thats a miracle!– but my cats, or rather, my sons cats–are getting alarmed.  Now its time for their dinner.  Last thing i remember i was getting them breakfast.

I also talked to my therapist in the morning and she wasnt mad.  I called her right away when i woke up and the phone was busy for 10 munites.  I thought, “oh, no!”   Then a  few minutes later she called me while i was calling her–i was so relieved.  Everything is working to the Good, just like the Lord says.  I dont feel guilty at all.  Each day that i have laid in some new huge thing has proved through,  i havent missed a single step.  Today is a ltttle scary, its 6 o’clock now.  But i trust that the Lord is leading me.

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