Retroactive Emancipation

Retroactive emancipation is perfect because it happens by law at 16.  That’s when i ran away from home.  They left me at the house in NJ alone when they went on a two week hiking trip in New England.  My brother took the station wagon and went to his girlfriend’s house and i hadnt gotten my license yet anyway.

I called in sick to the Italian restaurant where my mother had gotten me a waitressing job.  The owner and manager was coming on to me.  Actually i called in and told him my cat was sick.  Then, as i remember, i waited for them to come home and then i ran away early in the morning, leaving an elegantly written note.  I had keft notes all over the place saying “HELP” in large letters in my personal, secret code from childhood that could be fairtly easily deciphered.  When i came back my mother pointed at one of them but didn’t say anything.  She sent me on vacation to the lake on my own, where i started writing my college application, a pholophical examination about running away.  It got me in everywhere i applied.

So right now im looking at this and thinking, oh my God,  i never looked back.  I have never since then, at 16,  until now age 56, stopped for a moment to take breath.

Oh my God.   If only it hadnt been for the abortions.

Ive lost the moment in my mind through a distraction.  I hate this problem.

So i went uo to school.  I was traumatized by being picked up by a driver in a van who pulled out his member and told me “play with it.”  Oh Gid this is where it gets suck.  I told my father about it.  His reaction?  Was to try something on me himself.  What a LOSER

THANK GOD for my husband, my son, and my marriage.  SOMEHOW everything came out right side up.



Thank GOD for this blog.

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