Critical moment continues

I have had to MAKE time for this b.s.  She pulled a really fast one that jumped up and  bit me today.  She was being strangely nice last night. We hadn’t talked like that since i was 16.  It didnt lsst long.  Then today the problem with the car reared its ugly head.  By arranging to give my son the use of HER car, without consulting me, instead of letting him take my car, she obligated me to consenting to the use of my car until they rent one on Monday.  I ssid they would have to rent one yesterday, Saturday, and, usibg the excuse of the botton dollar they are now out there joyriding on an unnecessary trip to Barnes and Nobles 1/2 hour awayawayThis in my car.  This is their logic.  They will sit you down and talk circles around you until black appears white and if you ever figure it out you will see ib retrospect the abcs of omhiw you got screwed.  I saw the look she gave him  (my son.)  Praying fir his safety.

They are not safe any more.  My father is giving him a loan for a down payment on a car  He was also talking politics to him.  It was painful to watch.  He, my father, is desperate for control.  All i can do is keep praying.  There are several key places wbere rhey are trying to cover over painful pkaces at the cost of the truth.

This is not a fun post.  Obviously its nice of ny fatherc to help out my sin with a car loan, hes been in trouble.  But there are all these pork barrell add ons lije i taljed about i. Ny last post wgere  y mother is trying ti preempt my BIOLOGICAL motherhood.

Now im counting the time.  Tbey should have been back 20 minutes ago.  Im going to go see if they came in without my knowing it.

Yeah, i wasnt getting it about the car loan, it was for a downpaynent,  i guess thats okay.  Now going to check on the joyriding.


Yes. Its over.  They cane back o. Time 40 minutes ago.  So the blessed relief scenario is in force.  Were all good.  Ive been gettig intimatio s if this more and more frequently in rhe last few weeks.

I had to ask for the key and my mother saw that i had had ill will in my mind but i trust she will let it go.  They have a wedding anniversary coming up and tbey have invited me to cone out to dinner with them.

I cant get back picture if  the EVERYTHING IS GOOD scenario but i pray it will come back to me.

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