Report card on services from Planned Parenthood obtained in February of 1990.

I obtained an awake abortion procedure via vaccuum suction of the uterus.

I was told there would be mild cramping.  Instead it was unbearably painful.

My problem wss that i felt ill with the pregnany,  i was taking two psych meds that were dangerous in pregnancy, Haldol abd Tegretol.  I was drinking alcohol regularly snd 10 cups of coffee a day.  I wss smoking about 2 packs a day.  I was psychologically unorepared fir a child.  I needed belp from a medical professional, whether a psychiatrist or a general practitioner: any doctor at all.  I was desperate.  But therecwas noone to help.  The only help i had was the med tech who handled the sign in at Planned Parenthood.  I didnt want to answer yes to the final question:  “do you want to obtain an abortion?”  No.  I wanted to say.  “No i dont.” Shes said, “you’ll see a doctor.”  This was a lie and it was deliberate.  Itvwas just an awkward moment.  I didnt want to back out.  Just like i didnt want to back out when i saw my first psychologist, who told me to come back in 2 weeks.  I didnt like her.  But i was afrasid to say so.The doctor was the abortionist.  Im not sure if he even spoke English.  After a 1 minute chcck to confirm thst i was pregnant he moved directly into the procedure.  It was obscene.

“Yes”  i checked off the box for “Yes” becsuse i was told i would see a doctor.  That was what i wanted and it was obvious to the med tech that that was what i wanted.

So, Planned Parenthood, no i was not satisfied with your setvices.  I was railroaded into an abortion just like i had been railroaded to the state hospital.  You had an “already” cash cow who didnt know, in words, what to say and oh it was si eady to flip her over to that nasty little man and get the job done and colkect the payment.   Here it is, 27 1/2 (exactly) years later and i see you and now i do have the words to say.  You VIOLATED me.

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