“California, a Pro-Life Novel”

I am in the process of vetting this blog for illegal references as I am making it a platform for my book which will be coming out in the next week or so, I will put an alert here when it actually becomes available at the self-publisher website lulu.com.  It will be available at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon a couple of months down the road.

The book is written psuedonymously by Abigali Hill, (c’est moi.)  So if you catch a revealing reference that I havent noticed send me an FYI on the Comments Page, I would gratefully appreciate it!  I will be constantly updating it.

The book is a politically, spiritually, and emotionallly charged story of married life after 2 abortions.  You will not find panaceas or platitudes here.  Abby struggles with intense physical pain and illness as she tries to raise her born child, whose brother and sister have found their way to the vacuum suction tank in two different abortionist facilities, one on the East coast and the other on the West.

Abby and Bill return from California to raise their son, and wind up in South Florida.  After long, crazy years, when the child is 18, the marriage finally folds.  Abby and her son return to the scene of her illness before meeting Bill–her mother and father’s farmhouse home in Pennyslvania.  Bill remains in Florida.  The larger portion of the book presents Abigail’s blogging through the denouement of the marriage, including counseling with Project Rachel, which helps women with Post Abortion Trauma syndrome.  At the end of it Abigail is left with issues and with continuing pain.  Abby wants her reader to know how far a woman has to go, and the father of the child as well, to learn to live with an abortion.

Simultaneously, she is working on a second, longer book, Every Cloud… Followers of her blog will be familiar with it, as she tried to publish it a year and 9 months ago at this writing and announced it at her old blog.  It is concerned with her struggle to find hope in the very smallest things inside a terrible condition of OCD that has been persistent since before the abortions but which amplified the suffering and was amplified by it.  It does not detract from the message of  California, a Pro-Life Novel that Abby finds recemption in Every Cloud…  The point is, How?

Every Cloud… will be available in the nest few months.  “Abby” is still working on it.!


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