Asking my ex-Husband to ask me to marry him

I emailed him on my cell phone for hours.  It is a precision craft postung to my blog or emailing my ex or even textibg my son on  this phone.  Usually if its really mpoortant or deep i get the worst neck and back ache.  Usually i rough it out and then go back and correct the errors, with the help of the cell phone–i dont know what the function is called that suggests corrections.  Its like a game.  But it git pretty deep wirh Bill today.  Thats not his real name.  I am maintaining anonymity because of the book thats coming out, see the last couple of posts.  I am dealing with a really uosetting problem with my mothers improper management if the cars.  She gave hers to my son and took mine, its a long story, hers broke down so he came and took mine and now she has the rental car and u dobt have a car at all.  She left me out if the  discussion and im not clear about whats going on and the worry for me is her pulling a fast one in the life long battle to stop her constantly trying to prove that she is really my sons biological mother, or just as good as one.  There is also danger of real physical harm through orooer steos not being taken in an ordinary way and if i suggest anything along those lines i get an uproar.  As if someone trying ro prove that your handicapped mother doesn’t love you isnt harm enough!

So ive been praying for the intercession of King Solomon, remember the story about the two wonen who were fighting over a baby?  He called for the baby to be cut in half and the real mother gave up her claim to stop that from happening.  And at the end of the day things are coming out right.

I found out that a text i thought he had sent was actually erroneously sent from my phone to him, i thought it was an error and then it turned out it was!  It was one of thise pictures, a panda bear. It has been obscuring my reasoning all week!  Now i can see he was not particularly guarding his relationship with her from me as i feared and indeed when he came to get my car from me he effusively offered me the key to hers as was proper.  I didnt want to take it because u wasnt clear about rhe arrangement but now i see rhe situation more clearly and am assured of his live, no harm was done.  But i am still on a red alert.  I hate how harmful it is to HIM what shes doing, taking rhe value of MY good to him, the car.  As hers.  This is all mighty obscure, so i felt much better when i finally was led to email my ex about it, and i somehow knew he understood compketely.  So i kept emailing him all dasy and at the  end of it i was asking him to ask me to marry him all over again.

…well my mother grabbed me early to go to the suoermarket with her in the rental car.

So i didnt have the time to put thiss up.  Which was perfect.  It was a set up, when we got to the suoernarket she was all over the place “poor pity me” trying to make eye contact with the other shoppers  there was NOTHING that warranted this.  I just wasbt putting up with it.  We argued about the cat food.  I asked her to buy the one i know they like and not eat the one at home which they dont.

They always take me by  surprise.  Anytime theres a cat ride involved they have me cornered. The attendant at the supermarket gave me a super big smile, i!am confidebt to say it here. My mother was checking out at rhe same time as ne.  I was in the self check out.  When we left i sensed her following me in her mund.  She knows both if us.  And i wasnt afraid.  Someone saw them.  For a moment i felt like EVERYONE did.

So Bill,  about it?  Suddenly im free.



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