Adopting the Serenity Prayer

Her It is a period of tumultuous feelings, and change.

I was hoping to send my book to pro-choice advocates but some of them are hard to reach.  It will also be expensive.

I never used to like the Serenity Prayer that much, for snobbish reasons. I thought i was smarter than that.  Recently im discovering that a lot of my silly attitudes were bred here at my parents home.  Their British accents allowed them to pass off a lot of really rude nonsense as highly intelligent when they were younger and today people stilk forgive them.  I dont.  Telk me what is bad about “courage” and “wisdom”?  “The courage  to change the things we can , and the wisdom to know the difference.”  For all i know it could have been written by a Brit.  These waters are treacherous.  I can see where “serenity” (“the serenity to accept the things we cant change”) is outpaced by perhaps, something more svelte.  But its a darn good prayer and i have already used it to start making changes.  I replaced the roll of toilet paper by my bedside with a box of Kleenex.  I acknowledge with humility the problem of procrastination with small problems  like these and i feel sure it will lead to making larger changes in other areas.

So it was a good day!

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