Deepening Faith

Talked to my pstchiatrist about ny blessing sexual issues today.  He is physically handicapped also so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, i am hoping for a blessing, a warm understanding.  Anything else would be si cruel.

I also told him of my deepening faith and he approached this withourmr a doubt.  Living with a father like mine–a hedonist, blaspheming with every breath–this is always ao welcome.

I saw Sister M. on Monday.  That appointment was also hard to get to:  a rental car and flash floods.  I have one more appointment tomorrow morning and then nothing until church on Sunday,  which i DO NOT want to miss.   I an looking forward to it.

I had rhe most wonderful time in Minday after seeing Sisrer M.  The Lord showed me the special covenant he had given me with this slow driving which i do to be SAFE.  People get mad at me but i used to be a terrible driver so now i an careful to drive the linit or 5 miles under; where possible, i take my time pulling out from a light, that sort if thing.  If someone is tailgating me in one of those long 40 mph stretches ill do 45.  But otherwise i wont speed.

The Lord does not offer me special protection from a fatal accident, he warned me of this; where before, my sin and i seened record safe from harm; he walked away from 5 totaled vehicles withour a scratch and my recird is bizarre.  But he guides me through extraordinary paces, without a sagety net now, which us as it should be

So thats where the LORD found me, out on the open road.  When i met my ex i was drivig the country roads in my little Dodge Colt,  my only solace.  My husband had learned to drive on rhe German  AutoBahn.

Today i find God in church!   And its a beautuful thing.


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