Interesting Day: Medjugorge revisited

I brought up Medjugorge at dinner (its been over two weeks since my encounter with the proselytizer at the ER psych intake.)  There was a healing of the sexual abuse by my father.  He insulted me twice at dinner;  i walked away.  i got up frim dinner, left my plate and my cup on the counter and went out on an errand to the supermarket.  When i came back with the laundry detergent she needed and the milk she asked for she didnt acknowledge me.  I had told them the whole story anour the ER visit and Medjugorge and that i was finally getting over that night in rhe ER without my meds and they realuzed there had been a change.

Since then ive bern going through death defying changes, sonetimes ive laid in till 4 in the afternoon before i can find my olace in time and get up.  Its very frightening.

So i come here to post and have whiled awsy many days.  AND THINGS ARE CHANGING.

Mist importantly, i have been going to Catholic Answers fir pa mrayer.  I used ri gi rgere 5, 6, 7, years agi, and made a pariah of myself.  Now i am with the program and i am experiencing life giving change.



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