Retroactive Hope

God  is putting crazy good things in the past where all hope was gone.  Its crazy how he can do this.  They say you cant change the past well then what is the word “retroactive” for?  The oast lives within us and can be touched at any time.  The Lord fixed the worst place in my sons heart in the last couple of days, going back to when he was a baby.  I held that place open in my soul all these years snce he was a baby and the Lord went there–to that place in my soul and his heart–and body–and healed it with a touch.  It had to do with reflux and projectile vomiting.

I just have to quote the song, maybe you have heard it:  “oh the overwhelming neverending reckless love of God… ”  this is the God that i need and He is showing up.

Went to have my broken little finger checked out today and i have nothing to offer but sheer gratitude.  The “hand doctor” in the nearby city offered me an appointment after i had been declined for about 4 different appointments in a row.  It was very humbling.  The break is looking good.  I faced all kinds of tumult and turnaround all day after the apppointment but i realized that its all God and its all good and to stop trying to be the arbiter of my course.  Its so hard to let go of control.  You do it with gratitude.  Offer it up and roll with tge punches.  GO WITH IT.

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