The Jeannie Problem

It used to be “The Tracey T Problem”–all these years that’s what i thought i was fighting.  Youll find it in my book. “Every Cloud…” (when it comes out;  still waiting on California, a Pro-Life Novel.”)  I touched on “the Jeannie Problem” in passing–i thought–while trying to figure Tracey T.  Now i see that Jeannie grafted herself onto my life–the Tracey T. Problem and everything else as well–and i should have changed horses a long long time ago.  Ive been bumping into the woman herself or her trail as teflected in what she told me about her history, all across America.  I need to reclaim my life.  I was aware of her presence when i first met my husband but i never figured the cost.

This woman has been a parasite secretly inhering in all these places ive been in.  A baracuda. A player and i didn’t know there was a game.  Doesnt look good for me.

Doesnt look good for her either.  Thats her real name.  The only real name ive used.  Fake bitch.

( i just changed the name.  Playing nice here.)

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