Holy Spirit

Went to Mass at 1100 and finally tasted the Eucharist in my heart.  I prayed the traditional prayer that He enter me spiritually as i cannot now receive Him sacramentally.  I felt my heart pierced.

As i have Baptism of Desire–and the Sister has assured me of this–i am THAT CLOSE to receiving the Eucharist.

The Chaplain at the Extended Acute Care unit that i stayed on for 8 months, spoiled us by giving us rhe Eucharist–just the wafer–whether we were baptised or not.

It felt good but nothing like right now.  My mother is attacking.  I just intervened because she was threatening my son.  He left.  Now she has made a death threat  to me in language that nobody else would understand.

I am trying to prove through prayers and they are about her, and especially about her, my son, and the car he bought, which has a technical issue.  I blogged about this 4 weeks ago when it went down.  She improperly used access to MY good little CAR to get him the fancy car he wanted; she cosigned for it and was all over his having bought this fancy car with HER help.  Now  she blaming him for the breakdown when she was as responsible as him, nobody made her cosign for the vehicle, shes an adult.

The Holy Spirit has  been with me since before church but now im washing up on the rocks.

Even as i said that and kept typing, i heard my sons voice coming through to me in my heart saying that the Spirit was still with me.

“Even though i walk through the Valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil…thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. “

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